About ten years ago, as a artist in the surfing world, I participated in a  museum show in Corpus Christi, Texas. While there, I found a great ceramic artist who created ceramic cowboy boot sculptures that were painted and glazed with wonderful scenes and designs.  As a collector of ceramics, I wanted to purchase a pair of the ceramic sculptured boots. my exhibit at the museum was not a for-sale show, so I did not purchase the boots at the gallery “no cash in no cash out”. Fast forward to central California, while having my opening at a gallery in a small seaside village, my wife and I went to lunch at a small restaurant in an arcade and across from us in a window was a pair of wonderful cowboy boots that  looked to me to be the same artist that I had seen 10 years earlier.  As I approached the store, I realized that these were the real thing, real cowboy boots as beautiful as the ones I had seen before but someone could actually wear them. The artist/owner and I compared notes on the art of the boots and one thing led to the next. Never in my wildest dreams did I  believe that I would ever be selling art on black velvet. Now, one year later Demir-Auster is proud to bring these fabulous boots.

Ken Auster