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Welcome to The Life’s Second Chance Foundation

Please join us in our commitment to help build a new cancer hospital and research and training center in Ethiopia. Our goal is to also create awareness of the growing and nearly unchecked cancer problem in Ethiopia.
Here are some of just a few statistics:
1.    80 Million people in Ethiopia
2.    1 Doctor for every 40,000 people
3.    1 Nurse for every 8,000 people
4.    1 Program to deal with cancer
5.    1 Cobalt Machine to serve 80 million people
6.    200,000 new cancer cases each year, increasing by 5% every year
7.    Cancer:- Cervical: 33%, Breast: 19%, and head and neck: 17%
8.    Tikur Anbesa hospital can treat only 500 patients a year
9.    Cancer kills twice the number of people than HIV AIDS in Africa

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  1. a quality post. I posted a plug for this website at mine. Anyway, I am sure most people forget the point you are discussing.

  2. you are very talented.

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